2010 Deans

The deans (our university-inspired name for program directors) for the summer 2010 camp season were approved last night by the camp’s board of directors. Please be in prayer for each of these leaders as they plan and prepare for a week of camp this summer. You may not realize this, but deans begin the hard work of putting together a staff and planning themes/activities in November for a camp in July or August.

Camp Meeting > June 27 – July 3 – Jonathan Falcone and Laurie Rambo

Junior High I > July 4 – 10 – Steve LaMotte and Scott Rambo

Teen 1 > July 11-17 – John DiGiamberardino

Junior Camp > July 18 – 24 Linda Dugan and Wally Kappeler

Junior High II > July 25 – July 31 – Mike Ralph and Dan Ulrich

Teen 2 > Aug. 1-7 – Jennifer Nieves and Stephen Tucker

Junior High III > Aug. 8 – 14 – Mike Bill and Tricia Hatten-Jamison.

Middler Camp > Aug. 15-21 – Becky Jones and Brandon Cobb

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4 thoughts on “2010 Deans

  1. Matt Ralph Post author

    From now on, let’s all refer to the camps as
    Rambalcone Camp, LaMotte Camp, JD Camp, Duganappeler Camp, Ralphulrich Camp, Tuckieves Camp, Hatten-Jamibill Camp and Cobbones Camp


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