Summer Staff 2011: Rich Dugan, Outside Supervisor

Name: Rich Dugan
Nickname: Rich/Richie
Age: 19
Hometown: Barnegat
High School/College/Grad School/Seminary: Lancaster Bible College
Years on Summer Staff: This will be my third.
Years attending Delanco: First time out there, I was two months old.
Home Church: Lord of Lords Bible Community Church
Favorite childhood cartoon: Tom and Jerry
Fondest Camp memory: Meeting a great girl!
Favorite Camp theme: You can’t do that on television.
Favorite snack in the Camp store: Reeses and a Coke!
Favorite devotional book: Not a devotional book kind of guy. I enjoy regular books and try to get my head into the Word daily.
Favorite Bible verse: Depends on the day…so many great ones.

Why did you want to be on summer staff this summer?
God had it in my lineup. Excited to be a servant of His will.

What are you most looking forward to this summer?
Great staff and camper bonding.

What impact has Delanco Camp had on your life?
I’ve grown so much closer to our God out there. He’s revealed so much to me on those grounds in so many different ways and through that has helped shape me into who I am today.

If we were to do a reality show about this year’s summer staff, what would do you think it could be called?
Delanco Shore…lame, I know

If you could live in any state and have your dream job, what would they be?:
I’d be a pastor in the Salt Lake City area.

Elevator Testimony: I’ve grown up in the church and have had my ups and downs in my walk with Jesus throughout my 19 years here on this earth. After heeding a call to Lancaster Bible College, God revealed so much to me and put me on the path He’s been pointing out for years. I’m far from perfect but I’m so happy to be following Him!

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