A poem discovered

This poem posted to Poetry.com by Rachael Aubrey Chastain came up in a recent Google search. I think it speaks to the experience so many campers have had at the camp for more than a century. Thanks for the words, Rachael.

Here it is:

Delanco Camp
Delanco Camp has changed me inside.
I am so much more confident,
I have more Pride.

I can feel great about my love for Jesus.
I have heard stories,
about how he freed us.

I can hold out my hands when I sing praises.
I am not ashamed,
for God had saved us.

Camp has brought another soul to God.
It taught us some things,
likes it’s okay to be odd.

I learned that there are some boundaries too.
And that I should pray,
when I don’t know what to do.

I’m going to Delanco again next year… As a member of staff
-Rachael Aubrey Chastain

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