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Last Full Day Of Camp

Last night, the campers played indoor games because of the rain. They played a game similar to bombardment in that both the girls’ team and the boys’ team had to try to get the other team out by throwing balls at them. However, in last night’s game each team had a medic type person who could use their foam staff to tap a teammate to get them back in the game. Sounds quite confusing, I know, but the kids were having fun and that’s what really matters. The girls won the last round of the game and the boys were not happy about it.

Today is the last full day of camp, not only for the week but for the summer—how sad! Still, the campers aren’t even thinking about that because they’re too busy squeezing in as much fun as possible before the day ends.

The planned recreation activity was GaGa Ball, and the campers love that game. The object of GaGa Ball is to be the last person in the GaGa ring. The kids were allowed to hit the ball with their hand and had to dodge the ball. If the ball hit anyone, that person was out of the game. During free time, some of the campers went to the craft shop to make decorative pens using ribbon and colorful pompoms. They also designed creations using supplies left over from previous days. Other campers enjoyed swimming in the lake, going out on boat rides, and playing cards.

I can’t believe that my internship is over; I feel like I just started. I’m glad I was able to provide you all with an inside look at what a week of camp is like. I had fun being around the campers and watching them enjoy themselves and make new friends. It’s great seeing young kids come to know God and want to live for him!

See more photos from the week at the Middler Camp 2011 Picasa page. See and buy prints of group photos HERE.

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Rain, rain, go away…and don’t come back!

Last night’s game was Kung Fu Panda-related, except this time the campers had to find hidden paw print-shaped papers in order to get points. Paw prints—in different colors and in black—were hidden throughout the camp. The colored paw prints were worth more points than the black ones. Dan Ulrich, the speaker for the week, and his team won with an astounding 95 points! They were rewarded with candy for earning the most points.

This morning was a dreary one. As I watched the rain making mini rivers on the ground today, the song about the foolish man who built his house on the sand played in my head. That’s not my way of teaching a spiritual lesson—it’s just that the rain is all draining into the lake and taking the sand with it. We were very fortunate that the rain stopped long enough for the campers to enjoy their free time. The campers played four-way Nukem, where you have to catch the volleyball with your hands. If you drop or don’t catch the ball, you’re out of the game, so the other team gets a point. Now that you have that in your mind, picture two volleyball nets intersecting one another and four teams playing against each other. That was today’s planned recreation activity, so the campers had an afternoon of chaotic and confusing sports fun!

Once the start of free time was announced, all the campers flocked to the craft shop because they all wanted to create today’s project. The craft director bought canvases, acrylic paint, and paint markers for the campers to make Chinese-symbol paintings. She printed out pages with the symbols and their translation for the campers to paint on their canvas. The campers did an awesome job of replicating the Chinese symbols, and many of the finished paintings look like something you’d see in a home decorating magazine. The campers enthusiastically took part in this craft, which fit perfectly with the theme for this week.

Right before free time ended, we heard thunder rumbling in the distance. I’m hoping it doesn’t start raining again. We’ll just have to wait and see what becomes of it.

See more photos at the Middler Camp Picasa page.

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Fun In The Sun

Last night’s game had the campers teaming up and running around outside trying to get note cards from staff members. The staff members had the campers singing, dancing and forming pyramids before they gave out the note cards. I heard that one of the lifeguards had one team carry him in a chair from one end of the beach to the other, and after they were done, he made them do the hokey pokey. The team thought he was a participating staff member, so they did everything he asked of them only to find out that all of it was just for his amusement. The lifeguard thought it was hilarious, but the team didn’t feel the same way. Kerri’s team won again. They got all of the note cards and put them in the right order to form Romans 10:9 which is part of this week’s theme.

Today was the sleep-in day. The campers went to chapel this morning, as usual. They played games and earned points in a dance challenge; the girls are winning, but the boys are catching up. The worship band got many requests for the song “Days of Elijah,” so they played it this morning, while all the campers did the hand motions that go with the song. The campers also listened to Bill Ashe share about his mission trip to Japan. He told the campers some interesting facts, such as how Japanese people eat some different foods from us, but they still have the same cereals and sodas that we have.

Instead of going to classes after chapel, the campers were told to go to the soccer field for a big surprise. The deans had three fun stations set up and the campers were split up into three groups so everybody would get a turn at each station. One station had an inflatable soccer game, which was similar to ski-ball in that you had to get the soccer balls in the different holes. A volleyball net was set up for each group to split in half and play against each other. The campers liked the water slide the best; at the end, the deans let them go to whichever station they wanted. All the campers crowded around the water slide excited to get their turn to go on it again. Overall, I think the surprise was a big success and I’m sure the campers and the staff would agree.

Lunch was set up out at the pavilion behind the girls’ cabins. An array of assorted hoagies, macaroni salad, potato salad, and various fresh-baked cookies awaited the campers. After lunch, the stations remained standing so the campers could play on them at free time; the campers were excited to get back on the water slide! Every kid that went down the slide made a wave of water at the bottom and everyone standing near the slide kept getting wet. Watching the campers enjoy themselves made me wish I could turn back time and be their age again.

See more photos at the Middler Camp Picasa page.

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Here Comes the Sun

Last night the campers played Kung Fu Panda where they had to reunite the Furious Five with Po the Panda in order to stop Ti Long. All the characters were played by staff members and were all worth a certain amount of points. The campers enthusiastically searched for all of the characters, and counselor Kerri’s team won.

This morning during chapel, the campers played games and sang worship songs. This time Bill Ashe’s wife, Amy, talked about her mission trips to Kenya and New Mexico. She spoke about the kinds of food and beverages that Kenyans eat and drink. The campers asked Amy questions, such as what language they speak in Kenya, to which she replied that they speak mostly English.

The sun came out around noon and gave us some warm, dry weather, which was a pleasant change from damp and rain. During free time, the campers all flocked around the craft shop today to make duct tape wallets and flowers, and friendship bracelets. Quite a few boy campers went fishing on the bridge, but the lake was too murky from all the rain to really see anything.

The campers are in their dorms now, getting ready for dinner, followed by an evening of prayer meetings, a church service, snacks and night games.

See more photos at the Middler Camp Picasa page.

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Mingle, Bucket Head and the first full day of Middler Camp

Last night the campers kicked off the last week of the summer season playing icebreaker games like the always popular Mingle game. In this game, a staff member calls out a number and an action, and the campers have to get into groups of said number doing that action. So if a staff member calls out “four at the knee,” that means the campers have to split up into groups of four people with their knees touching.

Another game that was played last night was Bucket Head; all of the campers, except for one, had to form a circle using chairs. The one who didn’t have a chair had to stand in the middle of the circle as the “bucket head.” The “bucket head” has to hold a bucket over his/her head while skipping around the inside of the circle pulling people out of their seats. Once the “bucket head” pulls someone from their chair, that person then has to grab somebody else. Once the chain has reached a good length, the “bucket head” drops the bucket and everybody has to hurry to find an empty seat. The person left standing in the middle becomes the new “bucket head.” The campers had a lot of fun getting to know each other last night.

Today is the first full day of Middler week and we woke up to the sound of rain; however, the deans for the week, Brandon Cobb and Becky Wrentzel, were prepared. This morning still went as planned. The campers went to the Tabernacle for chapel where they played games; worshipped God; and met this week’s missionaries, Bill and Amy Ashe. Bill talked to the campers about his first mission trip to Japan, and how it opened his eyes to God’s calling for his life. The campers will get to hear from Bill and his wife, Amy, all week. The campers went to their classes, which were indoors. Around noon the rain stopped and the sun poked out for a bit, which was nice.

After lunch, the campers all had to report to the beach for the swim test. Those who already took it earlier in the summer didn’t have to take it again. Once the craft shop opened at 2 p.m., a group of campers went over to make bracelets and paint rocks. Around 3:45 p.m., it started thundering, so the craft shop closed early; hopefully, it won’t rain for too long.

See more photos at the Middler Camp Picasa page.

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Nobody likes goodbyes

Last night, the campers played the Pirate Game; the object of it is to find the hidden “treasure chest” without getting caught by the pirates, who were really just the staff. Whoever is the first to find the “treasure chest” wins the game and gets to keep the contents. Frank won everything inside the chest and shared it with his dorm mates. It contained boxes filled with candy, little bottles of bubbles, and t-shirts.

The counselors this week have really aced making the games fun, especially last night. During the Pirate Game, the campers usually jump from the dock at the deep end of Lake Agape, but this week the counselors were “shake ‘n baking” the campers and throwing flour bombs at them. Shake ‘n bake is when a person gets thrown in the lake and then rolled in the sand. The flour bombs are made with tissues, flour, rubber bands, and water. The flour goes inside the tissues and the rubber band is used to close the top; the water is used to just soften the tissues enough so that when they are tossed at someone’s back the tissues break open, covering that person in flour. The campers had a blast; some kids even found a few unbroken flour bombs on the ground and threw them at the counselors. Everyone was covered in flour by the end of the game. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take any pictures since I was one of the pirates, plus I didn’t want the camera getting wet or worse, covered in flour.

Today is the last full day of Jr High 2, and the last day is always everyone’s least favorite day. However, the campers didn’t let that stop them from having fun. In chapel this morning, the campers all received a Certificate of Extreme Love to tape to their backs. It displays and certifies the love and appreciation of that camper from each person who writes on it. The campers wrote really nice sentiments on each other’s certificates. Before chapel ended, each camper removed the certificate from his back to read what his peers wrote about him. It was a nice way to start the last day. After lunch, the campers all wore the shirts they decorated yesterday for the group photo; prints will be available to order online.

During free time, the campers took part in a volleyball tournament and a basketball tournament. The Spikers, an all-counselor team, won the volleyball tournament. Some campers had a bit of a problem with the all-staff factor, but that didn’t stop the team from competing. Unnecessary Force won the basketball tournament; they played hard but it was all in good sportsmanship. Tonight Danny Zayas is leading worship and Emily Heckman’s son is playing the drums.

See more photos at the Junior High II Picasa page.

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