Blog Madness Final Four Set

The Blog Madness Final Four ended up shaping up very similar to the NCAA men’s tournament this year with only the No. 1 overall seed advancing out of the top seeds in each region.

Pretzel Roll Sandwiches continued its Kentucky-like dominance over a formidable opponent in Chicken Patties with a 40-7 blowout in the Lunch regional, a regional several commentators declared the toughest even as a lopsided victory was occurring between the region’s two top seeds.

Turkey Dinner was the last of the other three No. 1 seeds to bow out when it was beat by the sixth-seeded Chicken Parm in the Dinner Regional. Chicken Parm is the lowest seed to ever advance to the Final Four of the Blog Madness. The previous low was the third-seeded You Can’t Do That On Television in last year’s Battle of the Camp Shirts.

In the closest contest of the round, Chipwiches punched their ticket after squeaking by fifth-seeded Dirt by two. And in the breakfast region, Biscuits & Gravy completed a Louisville-like run to the Final Four despite repeated questions over whether people really like Biscuits & Gravy.

Vote below to decide who will go to the championship game at the Delanco Camp Annual Dinner in Winslow on Saturday night.

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