Blog Madness Final

After 57 match-ups and more than 3,000 votes cast, only two camp shirts are left standing in our Blog Madness: Battle of the Camp Shirts.

Interestingly enough, the final pits the old versus the new, the minimalistic Classic Yellow shirt against the slickly-designed New Logo Shirt.

Both shirts breezed through their final four match-ups to secure a spot in the final. But there won’t be any breezing through the final game as both shirts have captured the bulk of their votes in each of the match-ups. Thanks for participating in this year’s Blog Madness. It’s been a huge success thanks to the time you’ve taken to vote.

Since this match-up marks the end of the tournament until next March, let us know in the comments any ideas you have for what next year’s Blog Madness can be. One idea on the table is Camp Food Fight.

The voting for the final ends at midnight on Sunday, April 3.


Total Voters: 49

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8 thoughts on “Blog Madness Final

    1. Matt Ralph Post author

      Yes, last year was the Battle of the Night Games. I think deans might get a little too personal.

    1. Matt Ralph Post author

      Although, it could be cool if the deans actually had to play each other in some kind of tournament like online scrabble or something.

      1. kwolf

        haha, I’m tempted to say something about Tenth Ave being the ultimate trump card but that just seems unfair.


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