Blog Madness

NameNo. Correct
Sara R.48
K Wolf47
Dan U. 46
Kerry M.45
Matt R.42
Chrissy M.37
Mike R.37
Bobby V.35
Cody B.35
Lisa H.28
Mike K.20

9 thoughts on “Blog Madness

    1. Matt Ralph Post author

      Hosed again? It wouldn’t be like March Madness if it weren’t for teams, I mean, foods getting left out.

  1. J. Falcone

    I think loaded french fries should have been on that list. Is there a better snack that french fries with bacon and melted cheese (and ranch on the side)?!? It’s like asking Kentucky to sit out of the tournament.

  2. J. Falcone

    Also a fan of not seeing who is currently winning at the time… Prevents Turtle I mean Andrew, I mean people from cheating.

  3. Mike Ralph

    I think we should just settle any arguments with an actual food fight. Which of these foods would you like on your side when everything starts flying? Meatball dodgeball anyone?

    1. Matt Ralph Post author

      If you vote based on the items you most would like to have in a food fight, you’d end up voting different than if you vote based on what foods you like most.

  4. Mike Ralph

    Although Smiley Fries are great for making art pieces, they are no substitute for regular fries. They are less bang for your buck, and they do not taste nearly as well. In the words of Bob Ralph, where are the normal fries?


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