Class Time- Day 1 Junior High 1

Video Class-Cadet training:

This class focuses around the campers making their own creative ‘training’ video. Since the theme this week is Space Camp, the focus of the videos is based on an idea that the campers are all in astronaut training and have to go through a series of challenges before they can officially be considered astronauts. The videos are of course, comical as many of the trainees fail at tasks like dodging asteroids, fixing a robot, or shooting down aliens. However, at the end of the training every camper will become a certified Delanco Camp astronaut and there will be plenty of video footage marking the whole thing.

Art Class:

This class involves the campers making chalk pastel drawings of planets. We have on our weekly staff an actual art teacher (Holly) who gave the campers a quick lesson in composition before instructing them on different shading and blending tips to make their planets look alive as possible. The kids dove right in, dirtying their fingers with different bright colors of pastels making both starry backgrounds and humongous solar system foregrounds. At the end of class all the projects were sprayed with a firment so that the pictures will stay mostly pristine. Parents, look forward to getting new pieces for your fridges!

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