Discussion Thread: Favorite 2010 camp memory?

What was your favorite 2010 memory at camp?

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6 thoughts on “Discussion Thread: Favorite 2010 camp memory?

  1. Matt Ralph Post author

    Mine would have to be teaching my class at Jr. High 2. I had a blast hanging out with the kids in my classes, reading scripture and breaking things.

  2. laurie

    My favorite moment was welcoming CJ back to work after his critical injury and recovery. It is an amazing testimony to the faithfulness of God to heal and to rescue and to restore. He has used dire circumstances to bring glory to Himself and has used CJ and Carrie’s lives to point others to Jesus.

  3. Dan Ulrich

    My favorite moment was sitting around the bonfire at Jr High 2 after the Where the Wild Things Are night game. It was a blessing to hear how God has worked in the campers lives that week.

  4. Turtle

    so so so many to choose from! i’ve had more than a couple working in the store this past summer, which was awesome. i’ll go with every trash run, every ran that summer…something unexpected or funny always happens, lol.

  5. Alex K McLovin

    Visiting Teen II for the throwback night, and the stares some people had when they did that ridiculous dance to “Party in the USA.”


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