Favorite Blog and Favorite Concert

Delanco Camp wasn’t voted favorite camp and conference center in South Jersey (congrats to our friends at Haluwasa for that) but we did get the nod for favorite blog and favorite 2011 concert (Tenth Avenue North) in the South Jersey Christian Events Reader Favorites poll.

Thanks to everyone who voted.

For the sake of full disclosure, I (Matt Ralph) am also the editor of South Jersey Christian Events, which made it a little awkward when I saw this blog was nominated and voted as a favorite. I assure you that I in no way manipulated the results though I was tempted to give it to one of the other wonderful blogs that was nominated.

To see the full list of favorites, visit www.sjchristianevents.com and be sure to bookmark and subscribe by email or RSS feed to the site for updates on all of the exciting Christian events happening in South Jersey.

The Delanco Camp Blog has moved. Go to delanco.org/dc-blog for new posts.

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