First Impressions

Campers and staff pose for a photo with the food they packed for Stop Hunger Now on Tuesday. Together they packed 6,000 meals.

Now I’m sure this is obvious because I didn’t even know who Wompus was until a few weeks ago but I am new here at camp. It seems to me that most of the counselors who are serving this week were literally born and raised at Delanco Camp. So as an outsider here is what I am noticing:

My first day here all I could think about was what makes this camp so great that people come here on their vacation days? Literally, they take time off of work to come to this camp and serve others for no monetary pay. Maybe it’s just because I’m a poor college student that I don’t understand why you would do something that you can’t make money for. The more I think about it the more I realize it’s just something about this camp. What is the “secret ingredient” of this camp that drives these people to serve each other and to serve children they don’t even know? I feel as though there can be no other answer except God. It’s funny how for the last few hours I racked my mind trying to think of answers to why these Delanco-ians would swim against popular culture and do something good just because- when the answer was all around me. Kids come to this camp to learn about God and godly examples are right in front of them. It’s all around you here.

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