Holy Improv

“We call ourselves Holy Improv because we are constantly improving…we don’t have a real band name cause we aren’t a band we just all want to praise God together,” said Julio, one of the deans this week. Alex Younger, the band’s keyboardist had the thought of writing a song about the theme of Revival. He got together with John, who studies music composition in Tennessee, Kelly who is a talented musician, Julio the multi-talented dean, and Keegan a camper this week at camp who is helping by playing the bass.

They say that the song is simple lyrically and has a distinct heart-beat sound to it that is accentuated by both the guitar line and the simple drum. The song is based on the week’s theme of Revival. We come to camp with baggage and feeling heavy and the song just talks about how we need to come out from that and be revived.

Here are the Lyrics to REVIVED:

I can feel your heartbeat
Pounding inside me
It feels like love, it feels like love

I’ve had such an aching
Burning inside me
I need your arms, I need your arms

Pre chorus
So come beat anew in me

I wanna be revived
You make me feel alive

I lay my burdens down
I lay my burdens down
I lay my burdens down

You heal
You heal

A big thank you to our band and writers:
Kelly Goddard, Alex Younger, Johnny Robinson, Sebastian Carpenter, Julio Nieves, Keegan Smith

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