Introducing: The Archery Program at Delanco Camp (new)

This year Delanco Camp is introducing a new archery field in the former horse corral. There are currently two trained and certified archery instructors, CJ and Roger, who both have taken a class and received certification to teach archery. These two instructors will also be employing counselors to learn the craft and assist them in all the safety measures. We want to make it clear that proactive measures have been taken and boundaries staked off in order to have the funnest and safest archery experience ever.

The camp has already received one archery kit and is currently having another one shipped. Shortly, there should be three targets and 6-8 bows. This should allow for 3-6 campers and staff to shoot at the same time. All the bows were specifically ordered to be universal in size, which means they are easily accessible to both kids and adults.

I had my first swing at using the archery field today in staff training and had a blast. The instructors are very diligent and helped me improve my stance. I didn’t yet have a bow hit the target but I hope to go back again tomorrow and improve. For all you Hunger Games fans, this is a great chance to feel like you are Katniss and kicking butt in the arena.

The program kicks of Friday with our Junior campers. Look forward to some pictures to follow.

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  1. Matt Ralph

    Don’t forget about Brave, the new Pixar movie starring a red-headed heroin with killer bow and arrow skills.


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