Junior Camp 2012 Slideshow

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About Rachel Blair

I'm Delanco Camp's 2012 Communications Intern! That means that most of camp I'll be typing in the corner what I think are witticisms with a little smile on my face at my amazing humor. If you would like anything involving camp to appear on the various social media sites (fb, twitter, tumblr etc..) let me know and we can work something out. Now smile pretty! because I'm probably behind you with a camera. :)

4 thoughts on “Junior Camp 2012 Slideshow

    1. Rachel Blair Post author

      Hahaha thanks Tom. I loved the experience and glad I got to know you and your daughter better.

  1. Patti Burns

    We are so Blessed to have a place like Delanco Camp. What a awesome week, I always look forward to it. A time to rekindle friendships and make new ones. The staff was great, thanks everyone for your unselfish hard work. C.J. & Linda, what can I say, although we are related, You guys ROCK! I wish everyday was a Delanco Day!

  2. Amy Tyler

    These are fantastic. No doubt everyone there was having a fantastic time having fun and fellowship and growing closer to God. My daughter who came for the 2nd time and the 2 girls from school who came for the 1st time has a great week and will all be back next year. My daughter cannot wait for Middler in August!

    Thanks to all the volunteers who put this together and make more of an impact on these kids that they will ever know, at least know in this world.


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