Junior Camp Photos – July 10

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About Rachel Blair

I'm Delanco Camp's 2012 Communications Intern! That means that most of camp I'll be typing in the corner what I think are witticisms with a little smile on my face at my amazing humor. If you would like anything involving camp to appear on the various social media sites (fb, twitter, tumblr etc..) let me know and we can work something out. Now smile pretty! because I'm probably behind you with a camera. :)

2 thoughts on “Junior Camp Photos – July 10

  1. Amy Tyler

    The pictures are fantastic and it looks like the kids are having a great time! Keep them coming! I love being able to see what my daughter is doing in camp each day and it gives me a window into camp so I can talk to her about Delanco when she comes home! Thanks so much!
    Molly’s Mom

    Amy Tyler

  2. Melanie Beasley

    It warms my heart to see the children living out the Gospel at camp. What a wonderful way to get excited about serving our loving God, and making a real difference. I’m so thankful that a friend told us about Camp Delanco, it’s Noel’s first year and it looks like they’re having a great time. My appreciation to all the staff!


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