Junior High One 2009

This is the logo/t-shirt for Junior High One 2009. The theme of the week is "

This is the logo/t-shirt for Junior High One 2009. The theme of the week is "

–> I apologize for the wait on pictures showing what we have been up to, so I am going to upload a couple pictures today to get you ‘up-to-speed’ on all our fun!

The Delanco Camp Blog has moved. Go to delanco.org/dc-blog for new posts.

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About Andrew Robertson

My name is Andrew Robertson, but mostly everyone from camp calls me and knows me by "turtle." I have been going to Delanco Camp since I was 3 years old (way back in 1993) and have been going back every year since. I have volunteered as a counselor, an assistant dean (no joke - ask Wally Kappeler if you don't believe me) and kitchen staff. I also have worked on Permanent Staff 2006, 2007, and 2008 - all as part of kitchen staff. I attend Eastern University in St. Davids, Pa., and haven't decided a set major yet - it's between Business Management or Communication Studies. My top three favorite bands are Tenth Avenue North, Switchfoot and Skillet. I love all kinds of weather, which is why living in South Jersey is perfect, and chocolate milk is the greatest invention ever. I hope you enjoy the Delanco Camp Blog and come back soon!

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    and that the shirt gives the camp website address, which you would need to plug in your computer to access.


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