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The chants of “USA! USA! USA!” filled the dining hall last night. Why? Had we just finished watching the girl’s Olympic volleyball team? Nope, even better.

Wednesday’s night game started off with a small dance lesson to a pretty popular Miley Cyrus song from a few years back. From what I understand the song, “Party in the USA,” became kind of a rallying chant here at Junior High 2 last year. For those who weren’t at camp last year (including me) we had a small dance lesson to learn the moves and then we all started waving our hands in the air.

After the song ended and the dining hall was around 150 degrees we were just about to sit down when Emily Heckman, one of the co-deans this week, yelled “The war is over! Can you believe it?! We can go back to the United States!” This was the introduction to a night game that was based around the premise that we the staff and campers found out that we were free to return home but by the time we got to the base all the planes had already left. We were stuck and doomed! But wait, there is a crazy, yet helpful lieutenant living in the woods somewhere who knows where the last plane is. So to go home all your team had to do was find him and get the password.

The excitement at this point was contagious. Some of the campers started chanting and it picked up until there were screams of USA! USA! bouncing off the dining hall walls. One of the smaller Bill family kids, who is a scamper this week, cried because he thought the whole thing was really happening.

The campers had a fun hour and a half running through the woods and evading capture by both bad people on quads with lights and bad people running quickly at them with flashlights. Finally, a triumphant green team found all the information and were safety able to get on the imaginary plane that was going to take them home to the United States. Pushing aside the fact that there was so much sweat on everyone we could have started a new lake; it was a great game.

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