Old School Delanco V

Carlton Bodine III recently uploaded these photos from slides. There will hopefully be plenty more from where these came. 

Have some old school pictures you want to share? E-mail matt.ralph@delanco.org.

























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2 thoughts on “Old School Delanco V

  1. mike_alph

    Did anybody notice the direction of the tables in the picture? I am so used to the tables being in their current position that I never thought about them being the opposite way. I guess that was part of the reason why the stage used to be on one end of the dining hall.

  2. Carlton (Little Bo)

    Yea Mike,
    apparently the reason the tables were that way and the stage in the other spot is because you could fit more people. They basically just put 3 very long tables in there, but as you can see there wasn’t much walking room, I think eventually fire code may of had something to do with the change


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