Phillies Trivia Winners

Now that the Phillies season has ended (prematurely), it’s time to tabulate the winners of our Phillies Trivia Challenge.

Drum roll please…

Our winner only answered one question incorrectly and that was a prediction that the Phillies would win the World Series. We all know what happened with that.

Only one other trivia taker came close to matching Christy Schnyer‘s performance. Becky Wrentzel and Dan Ulrich each answered only one question wrong and several had only two answers incorrect.

Those of you who follow this blog regularly might recognize Christy from the Blog Olympics we did earlier this year. She was one of two winners in that. The trivia questions and answers are below.

What years have the Phillies previously won the World Series?
2008, 1980

How many times have the Phillies been in the World Series?

Where did the Phillies play before the Vet?
Connie Mack Stadium (and/or Baker Bowl)

What Phillie shares a name with a fictional character on TV?
Ryan Howard

How many Hall of Famers have been inducted as Phillies?
10 (33 have played for the Phillies at one point in their career)

What Phillie has the middle name Leroy?
Roy Halladay (His full name is Harry Leroy Halladay)

Which Phillies coach wore a Phillies uniform in the 1980 World Series?
Greg Gross

What does the J.C. in J.C. Romero stand for?
Juan Carlos

What former Phillies player shares a name with a former president?
Grover Cleveland Alexander

What Major Leaguer will be forever associated with a D battery because of his involvement with the Philadelphia Phillies?
J.D. Drew

What Phillie became the first pitcher to play a position other than pitcher in 39 years this season?
Roy Oswalt

What offseason opponent won a Rookie of the Year award as a Phillie?
Scott Rolen

Who was the National League home run king in half the seasons of the 1980s?
Mike Schmidt

What Phillies slugger, upon seeing Lake Michigan for the first time, asked: “What ocean is that”?
John Kruk

The Phillies (97-65) finished with the best record in major league baseball this season. When is the last time that happened in franchise history?

Who was the last team to win three straight NL pennants?
St. Louis Cardinals

What Phillie is from Hawaii?
Shane Victorino

What Phillie has a brother who played soccer for Syracuse University?
Jayson Werth

When is the last time the Phillies didn’t sell out Citizens Bank Park?
July 6, 2009

How far do you think the Phillies will go in the playoffs?
Lose in the second round

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