Pretzel Roll, Shaving Cream and Duck Duck

It's a chase!

Today is the best day of the week and the worst day of the week all in one. Friday, we have pretzel rolls for lunch, but it also means that tomorrow is the last day of camp. It has been a fun week, a great week, an entertaining week but all good things must come to an end.

We played Duck Duck Wham today. There were a lot of wipeouts, all of which were hilarious and awesome to watch. My favorite had to be one of our campers, Danny, running around the slipperiest section of the tarp, which is also where all the water congregated. He hit the ground with an ugly thud but he was okay and got up with a big toothy grin on his face.

Another Wally Camp tradition took place today. Each day, campers go back to their dorms, make their beds and clean their dorms and every day, one camper from each dorm wins “Best Bed” and they get some kind of reward for it. Wally gives the campers the opportunity to pick some staff member to splatter with shaving cream.

Some of the staff members picked this time around were Turtle, Linda Dugan (our dean), Kaila (by her sister, Karli), Andrea Buzby (who supposedly beat out me to get the shaving cream to the face), just to name a few. But, naturally, after the original seven got the shaving cream, a huge fight broke out and just about everyone got it in the face, even the defenseless summer intern, who was holding his younger cousin on his shoulders. Haha.

Rob spoke about the message that we’re trying to share at camp. That message is “Just how much God loves us.” That’s the most important message that we’re all trying to get out. That’s the message that we want your kids to go home with. That’s the message we want the staff to reflect on when they’re home and they’re tired and weary.

Your kids have been a blast this week. Thank you for letting them join us and we’ll see you tomorrow!

Have a great night,

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Hello all, my name is Kevin Wolf. I grew up in Mickleton, New Jersey and graduated from Kingsway Regional High School in 2007. I, now, attend Asbury College and am in my Junior Year (as of January 2010). My major is Media Communications and I have an emphasis in Film/Production. I started my involvement with Delanco Camp back in 1999 as a camper and have moved onto the staff side of Camp in 2005 and have been involved with that side ever since.

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  1. Doreen Barnes

    I have to say I love reading these each night. I couldn't wait until 9:30 rolled around so I could read the Blogs. When I visited Tyler on Wednesday he was loving every minute at camp. Thank you Delanco Camp, Wally and Thank You Pastor Rob for giving Tyler the opportunity to go. He will see you next year for sure.


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