Quick Note to the Parents

I wanted to let all the Parents of Junior camp know that the kids throughout the week have been creating small videos. Hopefully we can start uploading those videos this weekend after camp is done and have those up here on the blog next week for viewing. In one class they are discovering the concept of paradise, both earthly and heavenly. Some of the videos are of the kids doing commercials for heavenly paradise in which they reference Revelation 21-22. Some of the other clips are the campers talking about what their earthly paradises are, which include everything from Hawaii to soccer balls. The kids haven’t yet had a chance to view their finished project but I know they are excited to see their commercials and videos up on the screen which hopefully we can show before the service tonight or tomorrow.

In addition, Reverend Scott, our camp speaker and evangelist this week has been making video to accompany his nightly lessons. These 2-5 minute long videos feature campers and staff acting out biblical passages. Be sure to check in next week on the blog to see all these up and more as the kids continue to act and praise.

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