Random Fun @ Junior Camp

Today, Wally pulled out his true creativity. He had all of the counselors spread out throughout the camp participating in random fun activities. Some of the games made up by counselors were knockout basketball, hide and seek tag, nukem, and Ga-Ga ball. It was a little warm out but, we were kept plenty hydrated by our quick and efficient outside staff, who put water jugs all throughout the camp.

We had a few storms throughout the day which cooled off the oppressive heat for a few hours but, then it picked right back up where it left off: hot, somewhat humid and dry.

Wompus was caught a few times. He probably wasn’t too happy about it, which leads to our quote of the day by Pat Cain, “Wompus is hungry for a few fingers.” You’ll be happy to know that no one lost a finger today due to Wompus or otherwise.

Rob Lewis, in his sermon, gave us a skit. So, it’s a little hard to put this into words because, it was a truly epic performance by our campers, which included dancing (shhh… don’t tell Asbury Coll…er, University that I’m talking about dancing), Bingo playing and eating out of a pig sty. It’s a very dramatic reenactment of the Parable of the Prodigal Son from Luke 15.
Our night game, if it doesn’t get rained out, will be about super villains, including Spaghetti Man, Leonardo (from the Ninja Turtles), Soccerman, the Horrible Hooligans and some others, stealing the superheroes’ powers and it’s up to your campers to get them back! Holy pancakes, Batman! What are we going to do!?


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Hello all, my name is Kevin Wolf. I grew up in Mickleton, New Jersey and graduated from Kingsway Regional High School in 2007. I, now, attend Asbury College and am in my Junior Year (as of January 2010). My major is Media Communications and I have an emphasis in Film/Production. I started my involvement with Delanco Camp back in 1999 as a camper and have moved onto the staff side of Camp in 2005 and have been involved with that side ever since.

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