Rolling Blackouts, Baseball Trades and the End

Last night, we experienced a rolling blackout at about midnight. I’m guessing due to the heat the generators have been quitting and dropping power everywhere. About 1,000 homes lost power in Tabernacle alone. I realized something when the lights went out. Camp is a very big place when you can’t see anything. Haha.

Now for the baseball trade part of this blog. I grew up a Phillies fan. I’m pretty diehard about it. My second favorite team is…whoever is playing the Yankees. Don’t like them, wouldn’t like them if they were the last team on the planet. (Mets are right up there too) So, when Cliff Lee turned his back on them and went to the Rangers, it made my day and he is now one of my heroes. So, Cliff Lee, if you’re reading this blog, thank you very much.

But, what we’re really here to talk about is the day at camp. It was a pretty relaxed day. For planned recreation, we played a game new to Delanco. It’s so new I don’t think it even has a name. The idea was to stand back to back with someone with a noodle in hand, turn around as quick as possible and try to hit him or her with it below the knee. It was a tournament style match with 12 participants.

James, in his final message, challenged us to start taking the Bible seriously, challenged us to continue the mission work outside of Delanco Camp, to take it to our school, to take it to our workplace, to take it to the streets, not only in foreign countries but, where we are at every day. Finally, he challenged us to take a stand for Christ and not to hold it in.

Your sons and daughters have been a blast this week. Thanks for letting them join us for this week. Good night and we’ll see you tomorrow!


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