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Jon Henry’s Monsters Debuts This Weekend

As a camper and staff member, Jon Henry has always been known as kind of a character. From his time as a camper when he made a name for himself with his duct tape concoctions to his more recent time as a volunteer staff member playing characters in night games and chapel programs, Jon Henry has left his creative mark on the camp.

So it would only make sense that he would like to write characters, particularly ones in a theatrical comedy.

This weekend, he’ll bring that creativity to the stage with the debut of Monsters, a comedy in one act, which will be playing at the Darress Theatre in Boonton, N.J. June 1-3.

Monsters follows Samantha’s journey to self-awareness and enlightenment in a world where the lines between reality and the imaginary are blurred, crossed, and all around confounded. The original play is the debut for Secret Notebook Productions and is being produced by Emily Schepker and directed by Amanda Castro-Conroy.

We’re certainly proud of Jon, but definitely not surprised.

Here’s but one example of the genius Jon has displayed while at camp.

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Lake Agape Love Story: Nick and Cheryl Strohl

By Cheryl (Devoe) Strohl

As I walked onto the grounds of Delanco Camp for the first time as a timid fifth grader, I never would have imagined that many years later God would use this as the place to introduce me to my husband; though not in the same way many camp romances have begun.

I grew to love my summers out at Delanco and I formed many camp friendships. Each year we would return to camp from our various home churches and it would be like we had never left.

Nick, however, only attended camp twice. He did not share my immediate love of Delanco, and decided not to return; although many of his friends continued to attend camp each year. So how is it that we met at Delanco?

It was the summer of 1994. I was a camper and Nick came out to camp for the evening service. He was best friends with Ed Rhubart, one of my camp friends. After the service we were out at the basketball court and Ed introduced us. At the time, Nick was hiding behind his long blonde hair and I think all he said to me that night was, “hi.” I had no idea that one word would be the beginning of the rest of my life.

Ed and Nick only lived one town over from me, and my best friend and I began hanging out with them outside of camp over the next few years. As Nick and I got to know each other, we formed our own friendship, and as time passed we realized our feelings for each other were beginning to grow.

By this time it was 1996. I was still in high school, but Nick had graduated and joined the Army Reserves. He left for boot camp in February. We shared letters during his months of basic training and looked forward to continuing our relationship upon his return that summer.

June rolled around, and as I did every summer I attended Camp Meeting. One evening as I was in the dorm after service, someone came in and said, “Cheryl, there’s some guy outside looking for you.” Not realizing it was Nick, I took my time preparing for the night game. When I finally stepped outside the dorm, I saw Nick standing under a tree. We were reunited after his four months away, right there on the grounds of Delanco where we had first met. In that moment time stood still. During his time away our feelings for each other had grown, and it was that moment outside the dorm that we realized how much we were beginning to fall in love.

Two years later we were married and that was over 13 years ago. God has blessed us with four amazing children, Hannah 11, Caleb 9, Lily 6, and Levi just 8 weeks old. Each time we step back onto Delanco soil, we are reminded how God used that place to bring us together. Delanco will always hold a special place in our hearts.

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Becky Kralle Glee Audition

The Glee Project is an online audition website that gives hopeful Glee cast members a chance to audition for the popular high school TV show. That former camper, summer staffer and friend of the camp Becky Kralle would be a familiar face among the crowd auditioning comes as no surprise. She is, after all, the only camp alum (that we know of) to appear on Jeopardy.

Check out LaBec’s audition HERE and be sure to like her performance and share it with others.

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Megan Daddario 1992-2011

A former camper and junior counselor at camp lost her battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and a congenital heart condition last week.

Megan Leslie Daddario, 19, attended Sharptown United Methodist Church and was a student at Eastern University when she got sick in January. She graduated from Cumberland Regional High School in 2010.

Cindy Sullivan Moore recalled her first meeting Megan at camp in a Facebook post:

“I met Megan when I first started working at Delanco Camp 8 years ago. She was a camper for 3 or 4 years and then helped out as a Jr. counselor. I had the privlege of hearing her give her testimony to the other campers a few years ago. What an insiration she was to everyone she met. She was a beautiful girl inside and out. We lost a wonderful person but heaven gained a beautiful angel.”

Want to share something with the camp community about Megan? Post it in the comments below.

A service to celebrate Megan’s life will be held Tuesday (June 21) at Sharptown UMC at 2 p.m.

The News of Cumberland County has an article about Megan HERE and The Daily Journal has an article HERE.

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On the Ground in Tuscaloosa

Just last weekend, camp board member and longtime counselor extraordinaire Scott Lederer was enjoying himself as a staff member at the Spring Retreat.

Days later, he was on the ground in Tuscaloosa, Ala., seeing first-hand the devastation wrought by tornadoes that hit Alabama and surrounding regions in late April.

Scott blogged his visit to Tuscaloosa for the website Splashlife while he was there.

You can read all about his journey by clicking HERE.

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