Talent show idea

Looking for a killer song to do at a camp talent show next summer? Try “Jesus Is A Friend Of Mine” by Sonseed. This early ’80s video is blowing up huge on the Internet.

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7 thoughts on “Talent show idea

  1. mike_alph


    This rocks! Perhaps we could cover this when we get Four Eyes back together some day! On one condition though: We gotta where those sweet vests…

  2. mattralph Post author

    I like how they compare Jesus to a Mountie who always gets his man. I wish I knew about this song a couple years ago when we did a Canadian theme at Jr. High 2.

  3. mattralph Post author

    Sara and I went to the 608 service at Southland Church in Lexington on Sunday and they showed this video. Sara was like, “that’s that song you keep singing.”

    Talk about catching on like gangbusters. It’s been 25 years since Sonseed broke up – you gotta love the Internet.

  4. Josh Hallahan

    Of course David Crowder has figured this song out:

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