The 2012 Blog Madness Winner Is…

After all the upsets and surprises throughout the tournament, the final vote held at the Annual Dinner on Saturday night almost seemed like a foregone conclusion. Heavy favorites entering the final, No. 1 overall seed Pretzel Roll Sandwiches had little trouble completing their title run with a 29-13 paper ballot victory over the the third-seeded Chipwiches.

The win means my better half, the lovely Sara Ralph, finishes with the best bracket. Her 48 correct picks was tops for the tournament, edging out Kevin Wolf, Dan Ulrich and Kerry McCarty, who if you disqualify people related to me and those closely connected either with this blog or the camp leadership was the real winner with 45 correct.

You can see the final standings at and a recap of the full bracket HERE.

Have an idea for what you think next year’s Blog Madness should be? Post it in the comments.

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