Wii Sports/Ping Pong Tournament

On Sunday we all gathered at Sicklerville UMC for the first ever (maybe annual?) Wii Sports/Ping pong tournament in order to raise money for Delanco Camp. It was an awesome event and a lot of fun was had. The youth groups from Sicklerville, Trinity Clayton, and Trinity Mullica Hill attended the tournament. We also had a few “young adults” from Sicklerville and a few people we know and love through Delanco join us. Our President, Laurie Rambo, was in attendance and played “Apples to Apples” all night while the “1st Husband” participated in both tournaments. All in all about 50 people participated in the event on Sunday

We would like to thank Dan Ulrich and Sicklerville UMC for hosting us and making this event a success. Dan spent all day at church on Sunday and made sure everything ran smoothly. Through registration cost and because of generous donations we were able to raise $480 (anyone have a 20?) for Delanco Camp. Thank you to everyone who came and supported Delanco through this event. We missed the rest of you but look forward to seeing you at other Delanco events in the near future.

For those who are just dying to know the winners…

Ping Pong Champion: "Bear"

Wii Sports Champion: Kevin

The rest of the pictures of the event can be found HERE!

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3 thoughts on “Wii Sports/Ping Pong Tournament

  1. Matt Ralph

    1st Husband. I love it.

    It’s also nice to see one of the “young adults” mastering newer technology. Good work, Kevin.

  2. dan ulrich

    i veto the shenanigans, however unfortunate it was that your mii was left handed. you should have realized it. the ruling on the field stands.


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