Young Adult Weekend

I’ve got some good news and some bad news.

First the bad news: you are too old for teen camp.

Now the good news: you are invited to come to Delanco Young Adult Weekend.

You can get all the details about when and where and how to sign up here.

Young adult weekend is a retreat for anyone ages 18 and up who wants to come have the Delanco experience of spiritual renewal and friendship.  The focus this year is on belief, learning about the powerful connection between what you believe and how you live, and how through the scriptures we can find the right beliefs that can help us live in right relationships.

I’m thankful to have the chance to lead this retreat again this year and I hope you’ll be able to come. Feel free to send any questions to

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About Dave Brown

Dave Brown had a really great time at Delanco Camp Junior Camp 2 in 1989. It is impossible to overemphasize how fun it was. In 1990, he graduated to Junior High camp where he was blessed to hear and believe the good news about Jesus Christ. Dave lives in Pennsylvania with his patient wife Christine and two nearly perfect kids, Isaac and Alleyne. Dave not only loves Delanco Camp, but also spends a lot of time talking, loudly and lengthily, to whomever will listen about whatever topic comes up.

One thought on “Young Adult Weekend

  1. mattralph

    I wish I could be there. Memorial Day Weekend camp is always a great time, even though I sometimes have trouble being at camp and relaxing (so used to running a hundred miles an hour).


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